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Welcome to my web site!

I consider myself a Renaissance woman with so many diverse interests and specialties, constantly striving to improve myself and learn more. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado as a journalism and mass communications student but also as the first ever graduate in environmental and sustainability studies. I also achieved minors in biology and visual arts. My diverse experience includes time in a biological research lab investigating environmental toxicants on embryonic development and human reproduction to late nights working at my college paper.  Lately I have picked up a love affair in healthcare! I love my patients and would like to be more educated to provide them with better care. Don’t be fooled though, I still freelance, write, read and draw when possible. My passions belong to the environment and writing so when I am able to combine them, I have achieved bliss!

  • Short-term goals include mobile journalist proficiency and experience in all media platforms: online, print, broadcasting and radio.
  • Long-term goals and aspirations would be an environmental journalist aka eco-reporter and making a difference in the world. More biological research gearing toward publication is also a goal.
  • Specialties include sustainability, environmental studies, blogging, &  social media/networking to name a few.



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